Logo_Leading_Ski_Service The ski rental Skiland received in May 2011 the mark of "LEADING SKI SERVICE" (link) that is sign of high quality and is assigned only to the ski services that have certain characteristics of quality in preparing skis and snowboards. After strict controls the diploma is issued by the Provincial Association of Artisans (APA/LVH) of South Tyrol.

In South Tyrol almost more ski services undertake to obtain the mark "LEADING SKI SERVICE" that is for the customer a sign of high quality standard.
The ski services with the mark "LEADING SKI SERVICE" have to respect  precise quality criteria, which are also regularly checked by the Association.


The ski are prepared by qualified staff in equipped workshops. For our Leading Ski Service - team it is important to prepare the skis professionally for our clients. The skier should have fun and a good ski preparing is the basis.


The skis are analyzed by qualified staff, and together with the customer a service order is drawn up. If the skis have ruined base, it is absolutely necessary to repair the base. Subsequently the skis are stone grinded with a professional machine. We pay particular attention to the fact that the skiedges and the base are grinded flat. This process of ski preparation is particularly important for the next step. The edges are sharpened with high precision ceramic cisc. By edge grinding, we pay particular attention to the skiing capacity of the customer. For beginners, edge sharpness is mitigated at the ski tip and the ski tail with a rubber wheel for easier turns. In the case of an expert skier, the edges are grinded according to customer requirements. After grinding the skis are well dried and then waxed. Also during this process we pay attention to several aspects that are important for a well-waxed ski, such as snow temperature, snow humidity and especially the type skier. We also offer the iron-waxing. Here the skibase is impregnated with wax with a precise technique of hot ironing. With this system, our customers have a fast ski and of course will have more fun.


Another quality service, which we offer since years, is the electronic control of the ski bindings by a modern ski binding setting and testing device. With this device, the ski bindings will be adjusted to the data of the customer; such as body weight, height, age and length of the sole of the ski boots. With these data the device provides a Z-value for the adjustment of the bindings. This is followed by electronic test of the bindings. The device converts the Z-value in the Newton-value, and compares the set up value with the measured force. Often corrections of the setted values are necessary. The Skiland - Leading Ski Service - Staff offers a high professional ski preparation and safety check and guarantees to the customers a safe and funny ski holiday.

For us it is important that you enter our ski rental - Leading Ski Service al customer and you leave it as a friend.

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Here we present the STAFF of the Leading Ski Service SKILAND:

Leading_ski_service_Johannes JOHANNES VALENTIN
Leading Ski Service qualified skiman

Leading_ski_service_Matteo MATTEO PICCOLRUAZ
Leading Ski Service qualified skiman

Leading_ski_service_Luigi LUIGI FRENADEMETZ
Leading Ski Service qualified skiman

Leading_ski_service_Roberto ROBERTO RIVES
Leading Ski Service qualified skiman


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